Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Elvish Name Translator

Hi y'all! If you were wondering how to get an Elvish name....look no farther! Arwen Undomiel has a extensive list of translated names. I went on there last night and found all my siblings(and mine) names in elvish. Here they are...

  • Miluiel Raina is my name
  • Vanadesse Estelwen is my sister Caroline's name
  • Beriadenwen Eruanna is my sister Sasha's name
  • Talfagoron Beriothein is my brother Lane's name
  • Eraisuthon Eithelonnen is my brother Michael's name.
The list also includes a pronunciations guide. Happy Hunting! And Merry Christmas!

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Nahla said...

Awesome! And good-bye for now...