Thursday, September 23, 2010


Okay, just so you all know, I'm really trying to get a post for LOTR week, had one all written out and then lost it, my computer is really not being nice to me right now, if one of the other authoresses could do something I would really appreciate it. Hopefully I can get my stuff up soon!
His Handmaiden

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Afore Promised Answers

My apologies for taking forever. I wanted more of a response before I posted the answers, but I think I'll post different questions soon so that more people can participate. I have tons more questions from where these ones came from.
1 What creature does Frodo tell Faramir he is "bound to"?

A: Gollum

2 What kind of attire is Theodred buried in?

A: his armor

3 What Kind of creatures killed Eowyn's father?

A: Orcs

4 What three-word phrase does Theoden utter as Sarumans army first charges the deeping wall?

A: "So it begins"

5 In front of what building does Gandalf give Aragorn a knowing wink: Elronds house, the prancing pony or the Golden hall?

A: The Golden Hall

6 What do Frodo and Sam hid under to look like a rock so the Mordor guards can't see them?

A: An elven cloak

7 Who proclaims him self to be the wielder of the flame of Anor?

A: Gandalf

8 What's the name of the ferry the hobbits take to escape the ring wraiths?

A: The buckleberry ferry

9 What city lies southeast of Helms Deep on Faramirs map?

A: Edoras

10 What race of beings are River folk similar to?

A: Hobbits

11 What color cloak does Haldir wear at the battle of helms deep?

A: Red

12 What name does Galadriel call Aragorn when she bids him farewell?


Saxon and Vellvin is the winner!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Our apologies for lack of posts on here, I guess we've all been lacking in inspiration for a while. I hope to be coming up with something soon, maybe I need to watch the movies or read the books again...
But for now I'm just going to post an Arwen inspired Polyvore set! Until a later time, His Handmaiden
Imagine Arwen

Monday, August 30, 2010


I know a while ago I posted some trivia questions...sorry the answers never came around. Does anybody else read this nowadays? If I can get some more responses I might post the answers soon.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Here is my answer to your question, Laurel- my personal favorite male character in LOTR is Merry. (Sorry the pictures are so small. They just turned out that way, even when I clicked the 'large' choice. :/)The main reason I like him is because, of all the hobbits, he is my favorite, and I like hobbits. Of course, Legolas comes in close second, for I love the elves as well, but I like Merry the tiniest bit better. Plus, Dominic did a good job playing him.
That's basically it. I hope that answers your question, Laurel. :) And I look forward to hearing your answers, other authoresses!
Have a great day, all! Farewell for now,


Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Question for You

Fellow authoresses of LOTR, I would like to know who your favorite male "hero" is?!
I would like to ask each of you to do a post on who he is and why he's your favorite, and to others please comment and tell us about yours!

Personally, I like Faramir. I greatly admire the way he handles extremely trying situations, showing true grace under pressure. Despite the fact that his father treats him shamefully and even tells him that he wishes he had died, he remains loyal and shows a love that his father really, I think, is not even deserving of.
His compassion even for the enemy is rare, and bravery in the face of impossible odds make for a very different hero than is typically portrayed, not a great fighter like many of the others, although he does have skill in that area. But what I appreciate is his gentle nature, which to some is a sign of weakness, I see it more as true strength.

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Elves of Middle Earth

Elves are creatures that have always fascinated me, and I've always detested the fact that in many stories they have been portrayed as "tiny creatures of malice, feeding on saucers of milk, and stealing babies. "
In The Lord of the Rings what I had always more thought of elves to be was very well brought to life, they are " tall, beautiful, high, being of Light, great warriors, immortal and wise.
They were the first of the races in Middle Earth, awoken when only wild beasts and ancient trees inhabited it. Thus their culture is one much longer and deeper than that of men, there were those that loved the forests known as the the Avari or East-elves, and those who knew of their destiny beyond the sea and longed for it, the Eldar or West-elves.
"Elves", tranalated from the Quendi means "Speakers", their role in the affairs of Middle Earth was one of awakening and teaching, as briefly mentioned the The Two Towers, when Legolas explains to Gimli in the forest of Fangorn, how in the beginning the elves woke the trees and taught them to speak.
As in the race of men the different elves have their different cultures and ideas, obviously those that long for their home across the sea and fulfilling their destiny by one day going there have a different perspective than those that love the forests and are content with staying in them.
Legolas is of the latter, his father in King of Mirkwood, which unfortunately we do not get to see at all in the trilogy (The Hobbit should get us a better glimpse of what this race of elves is like).
We do see (more in the books than the movie) his love of the trees and forests and that is only when he reaches the sea that the longing to sail to the Undying Lands awakens in him.
We see even in Rivendell versus Lothlorien the differences in the cultures, in Lothlorien it is almost as though they have become a part of the forest, their homes are almost grown into the trees.
Whereas in Rivendell, you can tell that it was built some time ago and is gradually being emptied as the elves fulfill their desire and destiny of sailing to the Undying Lands, leaving Middle Earth to the men, whom most of them look down upon as being weak.
Their weaponry and armor is such that has been perfected by many generations and the fact that they themselves are thousands of years old. It, like them is based on strength combined with grace. The smooth, flowing lines of everything and watching them using it is almost like watching a dance.
The designers of Middle Earth did an amazing job in the films of giving the elves the depth and detail that a race thousands of years old would have. Tolkien himself in creating their entire history and inventing not one but two languages for them, the Sindarin, and the Quenya(which would be comparable to our Latin). No wonder Lord of the Rings is considered a literary masterpiece!
The elegance and beauty of everything, their clothing, homes, and armor I think is what really intrigues me. They inspired the other races of Middle Earth in their own cultures to seek wisdom and to grow in their understanding that they could live their lives in a fuller, more beautiful way.