Sunday, February 7, 2010

Here is my answer to your question, Laurel- my personal favorite male character in LOTR is Merry. (Sorry the pictures are so small. They just turned out that way, even when I clicked the 'large' choice. :/)The main reason I like him is because, of all the hobbits, he is my favorite, and I like hobbits. Of course, Legolas comes in close second, for I love the elves as well, but I like Merry the tiniest bit better. Plus, Dominic did a good job playing him.
That's basically it. I hope that answers your question, Laurel. :) And I look forward to hearing your answers, other authoresses!
Have a great day, all! Farewell for now,


Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Question for You

Fellow authoresses of LOTR, I would like to know who your favorite male "hero" is?!
I would like to ask each of you to do a post on who he is and why he's your favorite, and to others please comment and tell us about yours!

Personally, I like Faramir. I greatly admire the way he handles extremely trying situations, showing true grace under pressure. Despite the fact that his father treats him shamefully and even tells him that he wishes he had died, he remains loyal and shows a love that his father really, I think, is not even deserving of.
His compassion even for the enemy is rare, and bravery in the face of impossible odds make for a very different hero than is typically portrayed, not a great fighter like many of the others, although he does have skill in that area. But what I appreciate is his gentle nature, which to some is a sign of weakness, I see it more as true strength.