Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Elvish Name Translator

Hi y'all! If you were wondering how to get an Elvish name....look no farther! Arwen Undomiel has a extensive list of translated names. I went on there last night and found all my siblings(and mine) names in elvish. Here they are...

  • Miluiel Raina is my name
  • Vanadesse Estelwen is my sister Caroline's name
  • Beriadenwen Eruanna is my sister Sasha's name
  • Talfagoron Beriothein is my brother Lane's name
  • Eraisuthon Eithelonnen is my brother Michael's name.
The list also includes a pronunciations guide. Happy Hunting! And Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

LotR Trivia

I thought it would be fun to do a LotR Trivia, taking from our set of cards in the trivial pursuit LotR game. Here we go:

1What creature does Frodo tell Faramir he is "bound to"?

2What kind of attire is Theodred buried in?

3What Kind of creatures killed Eowyn's father?

4What three-word phrase does Theoden utter as Sarumans army first charges the deeping wall?

5In front of what building does Gandalf give Aragorn a knowing wink: Elronds house, the prancing pony or the Golden hall?

6What do Frodo and Sam hid under to look like a rock so the Mordor guards can't see them?

7Who proclaims him self to be the wielder of the flame of Anor?

8What's the name of the ferry the hobbits take to escape the ringwraiths?

9What city lies southeast of Helms Deep on Faramirs map?

10What race of beings are River folk similar to?

11What color cloak does Haldir wear at the battle of helms deep?

12What name does Galadriel call Aragorn when she bids him farewell?


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our Button

Hey y'all! I just wanted to say that we have a button now.

Hope y'all like it!

Merry CHRISTmas!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Poll Results!

Poll results!

Make a Header and a Button 9 (56%)

Give Us All Signatures 1 (6%)

Do Everything We Can Think Of! 4 (25%)

Just Keep It As It Is 0 (0%)

Add Pictures of LOTR! 5 (31%)

Get More Authors 5 (31%)

Poll closed

We authors will talk these results over, changes will come soon.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Blend tutorial

Hey y'all! I just wanted to tell you that I have done a blend tutorial on my main blog. Go check it out!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Blends by Emily

Here are some Lord of the Rings blends I have done! Feel free to take them, as long as you credit me.








Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Beautiful Arwen (AKA Liv Tyler)

Picture of Liv Tyler as <span class=
Lets admit it. Almost every female fan of LotR wishes they had at least one trait that Arwen did. Whether it be her beauty, quiet spirit, gentleness, wish to stay at home and get married. It could be the undying love that she has for the mortal man, Aragorn:

Or perhaps its just because she is an elf and is fortunate enough to live in the amazing village of Rivendell:
I've always liked her better than Eowyn, but I still do love Eowyns part in the story. Arwen is a lot of things I wish I was, at least as far as outward beauty goes. I also wish that I could have the undying love for my future loved one. Who knows, Maybe I will. :)
She could also handle a blade, I wish they showed more of that in the movie. :(

But lets face it. Arwen was actually Liv Tyler, who had makeup, fake ears, and cameras on her a lot.
Arwens not real.
Excuse me well I dry my eyes and blow my my nose. ;/ She's just someone who pretended to be all that Arwen was. Liv Tyler did a great job. She really did. I give her a huge thumbs up.
WAIT! you must be thinking, THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE TALKING ABOUT THE GOOD STUFF OF LOTR!! Calm down. I just wanted to pull you back into reality for a little.
J.R.R Tolkien had written the character of Arwen for a purpose other than that she was a pretty elf that Aragorn is in love with. He wanted Arwen to be an example of what he thought a stay at home woman should be, what he wanted most in a woman. He gave Arwen faults as well, which is something I really like...I hate it when characters are perfect. I love Arwen despite the fact that she does not exist. I just don't want to go head over heels. ;)

I'm still envious of her elegant beauty.Oh well.

So, whats your opnion of her? Let me know. I'm curious.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Some Questions

The three new authors have commented! All you guys (Jillian, His Handmaiden, and ***Emily***) may start the posting when you feel you want to! But I have questions and things to say for the authors-
1. You may add gadgets and such, or whatever you want, this is your blog, too!
2. ***Emily***, you can put your background you suggested on this blog.
3. Do you all want to have an author order, or should we all just post randomly?
4. Should we only post once a week, or just whenever?
5. Maybe we could get an LOTR playlist. Should we?
Do you want to make this blog fancier (a blog button, a header, signatures and/or more), or just keep it as it is?
6. Do you like the temporary header, or should ***Emily*** make a better one?
Just take a vote! I'll put up a poll, too.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

What This Blog Is...

This blog and all that it contains will primarily be about Lord of the Rings, and a few other movies I (we) choose. Here's the good news...The first three people to comment on this blog will share the posting privilege with me!