Thursday, September 23, 2010


Okay, just so you all know, I'm really trying to get a post for LOTR week, had one all written out and then lost it, my computer is really not being nice to me right now, if one of the other authoresses could do something I would really appreciate it. Hopefully I can get my stuff up soon!
His Handmaiden

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Afore Promised Answers

My apologies for taking forever. I wanted more of a response before I posted the answers, but I think I'll post different questions soon so that more people can participate. I have tons more questions from where these ones came from.
1 What creature does Frodo tell Faramir he is "bound to"?

A: Gollum

2 What kind of attire is Theodred buried in?

A: his armor

3 What Kind of creatures killed Eowyn's father?

A: Orcs

4 What three-word phrase does Theoden utter as Sarumans army first charges the deeping wall?

A: "So it begins"

5 In front of what building does Gandalf give Aragorn a knowing wink: Elronds house, the prancing pony or the Golden hall?

A: The Golden Hall

6 What do Frodo and Sam hid under to look like a rock so the Mordor guards can't see them?

A: An elven cloak

7 Who proclaims him self to be the wielder of the flame of Anor?

A: Gandalf

8 What's the name of the ferry the hobbits take to escape the ring wraiths?

A: The buckleberry ferry

9 What city lies southeast of Helms Deep on Faramirs map?

A: Edoras

10 What race of beings are River folk similar to?

A: Hobbits

11 What color cloak does Haldir wear at the battle of helms deep?

A: Red

12 What name does Galadriel call Aragorn when she bids him farewell?


Saxon and Vellvin is the winner!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Our apologies for lack of posts on here, I guess we've all been lacking in inspiration for a while. I hope to be coming up with something soon, maybe I need to watch the movies or read the books again...
But for now I'm just going to post an Arwen inspired Polyvore set! Until a later time, His Handmaiden
Imagine Arwen