Friday, September 3, 2010

The Afore Promised Answers

My apologies for taking forever. I wanted more of a response before I posted the answers, but I think I'll post different questions soon so that more people can participate. I have tons more questions from where these ones came from.
1 What creature does Frodo tell Faramir he is "bound to"?

A: Gollum

2 What kind of attire is Theodred buried in?

A: his armor

3 What Kind of creatures killed Eowyn's father?

A: Orcs

4 What three-word phrase does Theoden utter as Sarumans army first charges the deeping wall?

A: "So it begins"

5 In front of what building does Gandalf give Aragorn a knowing wink: Elronds house, the prancing pony or the Golden hall?

A: The Golden Hall

6 What do Frodo and Sam hid under to look like a rock so the Mordor guards can't see them?

A: An elven cloak

7 Who proclaims him self to be the wielder of the flame of Anor?

A: Gandalf

8 What's the name of the ferry the hobbits take to escape the ring wraiths?

A: The buckleberry ferry

9 What city lies southeast of Helms Deep on Faramirs map?

A: Edoras

10 What race of beings are River folk similar to?

A: Hobbits

11 What color cloak does Haldir wear at the battle of helms deep?

A: Red

12 What name does Galadriel call Aragorn when she bids him farewell?


Saxon and Vellvin is the winner!