Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Cast of Middle Earth...

... part of it that is. 

First full look of all the dwarves, I have been curious about how these guys were going to look. The only picture I had in my mind was of Gimli and am surprised and pleased at how unique each dwarf is.

Bilbo has been a matter of some concern for me, one of my biggest pet peeves is when productions switch actors. Of course in this case it had to be done, And so far it's looking good. But at this point it is very difficult to tell.

My only familiarity with Martin Freeman is his role of John Watson on BBC's Sherlock. I thought he did very well with the role, especially considering how many times it has been done. I look forward to his portrayal of Bilbo.

We have Andy Serkis and Ian McKellen returning as their characters of Gollum and Gandalf, not much to be said there, I am glad that we have the same people here.

It is strange for me to think of Richard Armitage as of dwarf after seeing him in North and South, and BBC's Robin Hood. From the pictures he looks pretty good, and I can see him portraying the part well, but I will have to see it before I can actually say much about this casting.

I am looking forward to having Benedict Cumberbatch voice Smaug, he's one of my favorite British actor's and I think he will do very well bringing through Smaug's sense of humor, if you want to call it that.

These are the actors I am more familiar with, most of the others I don't know much of anything about, but I will try to get another post together sometime within the near future, including the rest of the dwarves. 

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Nahla said...

It's nice to finally see the cast in their costumes. I CAN'T WAIT until the movie comes out!!!!!!!