Thursday, October 29, 2009

Some Questions

The three new authors have commented! All you guys (Jillian, His Handmaiden, and ***Emily***) may start the posting when you feel you want to! But I have questions and things to say for the authors-
1. You may add gadgets and such, or whatever you want, this is your blog, too!
2. ***Emily***, you can put your background you suggested on this blog.
3. Do you all want to have an author order, or should we all just post randomly?
4. Should we only post once a week, or just whenever?
5. Maybe we could get an LOTR playlist. Should we?
Do you want to make this blog fancier (a blog button, a header, signatures and/or more), or just keep it as it is?
6. Do you like the temporary header, or should ***Emily*** make a better one?
Just take a vote! I'll put up a poll, too.


Nahla said...

Thanks a lot for the background!

His Handmaidens said...

Lets just post randomly, when ever, and yes, a LotR playlist would be neat.We should get a button, I think, And the header would be good either way

His Handmaidens said...

Jillian ;)

Madison said...

PLEASE!! Change the font color! It hurts eyes!!=)

Nahla said...

Okay, I think I agree with Jillian. So you authors can post anytime!!!

Nahla said...

So, how do you guys want to get a playlist? Should we all decide a name for the playlist, and then one of us could actually get it? Or, maybe we could decide on a password so we could all put songs on it. What do you think? Wow, I can tell this'll be a good blog!

***Emily*** said...

3. I think we should post randomly.

4. We should post whenever.

5.I think we should just have a playlist that has LOTR songs on it, and give every author the password and username to it. We could name the playlist LOTR Talk.

6. I think siggies would be cool...I think that we should wait till we have more posts to make a button though.

Nahla said...

Okay. Does anyone here know how to make signatures?? I like ***Emily***'s name for our playlist. :) I don't know why I haven't thought of that before. How about if all of us come up with a password for the playlist and we can let each other know by e-mailing? Or we could comment, then delete the comments so no one else could put songs on our playlist. What do you guys think??

His Handmaidens said...

I agree with every thing you and Emily say.