Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Beautiful Arwen (AKA Liv Tyler)

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Lets admit it. Almost every female fan of LotR wishes they had at least one trait that Arwen did. Whether it be her beauty, quiet spirit, gentleness, wish to stay at home and get married. It could be the undying love that she has for the mortal man, Aragorn:

Or perhaps its just because she is an elf and is fortunate enough to live in the amazing village of Rivendell:
I've always liked her better than Eowyn, but I still do love Eowyns part in the story. Arwen is a lot of things I wish I was, at least as far as outward beauty goes. I also wish that I could have the undying love for my future loved one. Who knows, Maybe I will. :)
She could also handle a blade, I wish they showed more of that in the movie. :(

But lets face it. Arwen was actually Liv Tyler, who had makeup, fake ears, and cameras on her a lot.
Arwens not real.
Excuse me well I dry my eyes and blow my my nose. ;/ She's just someone who pretended to be all that Arwen was. Liv Tyler did a great job. She really did. I give her a huge thumbs up.
WAIT! you must be thinking, THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE TALKING ABOUT THE GOOD STUFF OF LOTR!! Calm down. I just wanted to pull you back into reality for a little.
J.R.R Tolkien had written the character of Arwen for a purpose other than that she was a pretty elf that Aragorn is in love with. He wanted Arwen to be an example of what he thought a stay at home woman should be, what he wanted most in a woman. He gave Arwen faults as well, which is something I really like...I hate it when characters are perfect. I love Arwen despite the fact that she does not exist. I just don't want to go head over heels. ;)

I'm still envious of her elegant beauty.Oh well.

So, whats your opnion of her? Let me know. I'm curious.



Nahla said...

Yes, I agree with you! Liv Tyler is very beautiful, and Arwen is my favorite character in LOTR besides Merry. All that you wrote was what I think of her! Despite the fact that she is indeed not real *sniff*, I still like her! Liv Tyler was great at acting as Arwen. You, know, maybe we could post something like this once a week, kind of like Discussions Abound. It's just an idea, but maybe we could...

Eldarwen Failariel said...

Great post, Jillian!

His Handmaidens said...

I've got a ton of ideas!

Nahla said...

Hmm...I'll put up another poll.

EchoOfMercy said...

I love Arwen! She's the awesomest!!!:)

Random trivia for the day: Did you know that Arwen was a picture of Tolkien's wife Edith?

Nahla said...

No, I didn't!

Taylor said...

I think Liv Tyler looks much better when she's wearing makeup, but Arwen was very beautiful when she was riding her horse with Frodo.

Nahla said...

She was. :)

Bree said...

I don't like Arwen....I ADORE ARWEN! Her, Aragorn, and Legolas are my favs! Liv Tyler is the best. I love her, she has this adorable look to her. The scenes with her & Aragorn are some of my favorites! I've always prefered Arwen over Eowyn! Even when I read the books(LONG before I watched the movies) I prefered her. None of my friends even remembered her name, but I did! And I knew her & Aragorn were 'meant to be'!

Enough of my ramblings...